Scientist, inventor, author and world renown expert and founder of Quantum Medicine, Dr. Paul Yanick has invented a quantum solution for the dangers of electro-polluted water. Did you know that water is the single most important indispensable nutrient need for life and yet it has become the greatest health risk? Each human and microbial cell in your body operates like a battery with + and – charges. Today’s electro-polluted water can drop cell polarity and damage your heart, brain, skin, sinus, lungs and immune system functions. Dr. Yanick’s invention of the new “clip on” ExcelaWater system is based on his university-hospital based research on cell polarity as a way to restore the rainbow resonant polarities in water that has been purified, softened or that is high in chlorine or other toxins (Journal of Applied Nutrition 1988:40; J Medical Audiology 1983:5; Townsend Letter for Doctors 1983, 2009 & 2013 & 2014; J American Audiology Society 1976:15; Int J Holist Health Medicine 1983:1; Int Academy Preventive Medicine 1983:45). The good news is that there is finally now a way to stop modern day electro-pollution from wiping out the beautiful rainbow polarities of water that nourish and revitalize and hydrate your body.

 The Problem: Wi-Fi, the same frequency as brain waves, gets stored in your water. These square waveforms of unwavering constancy may cause nervous system and heart stress. To make matters worse, when you shower or bathe in chlorinated water, chlorine in the water vaporizes releasing poisonous gases that transform your bathroom into a mini-gas chamber. These toxic chlorine gases, used as a poisonous gas during World War I, cause cumulative damage and may be one of the greatest health risks you take every day. Moreover, a hot shower or bath opens up your pores, causing your skin to act like a sponge for chlorine and other toxins in your water. Chlorine is ionic, electrically unstable and it kills beneficial microbial cells and induces and promotes inflammation by bonding with body proteins. Research conducted at Harvard University and Medical College of Wisconsin linked chlorinated water to bladder and rectal cancers. And, it is the number one dermal stressor causing a wide spectrum of skin disorders, brittle and dry hair and ocular, lung or sinus issues. The erosion of the dermal layers becomes a superhighway for infections due to the depletion of naturally occurring oils and bacteria on the skin. These claims rest on a solid scientific foundation of research as studies have reported:

 The Solution: AAQM & QFA research on electrocardiogram Heart Rate Variability tests and other studies reveal how Wi-Fi weakens the heart and nervous system (European Journal of Oncology 2010:5; Electromagnetics Biological Medicine 2013:32). By restoring the polarity and resonant frequencies of your water you can stop Wi-Fi, chlorine and other unstable or homeopathic imprints in water from destroying your health. By restoring the protective barrier function of your skin, sinus and lungs, studies how that you can protect your body from the inflammation-inducing effects of toxins (Nat Genet 2006:38 & 2008:40 & 2009:41). If you think that filtering via shower-heads and other filters takes care of these Wi-Fi and toxins, you are sadly mistaken! Instead, discover the incredible health benefits of the new portable “clip-on” ExcelaWater system that mimics how water is found in nature as a rainbow appears over a water fall. Now, for the first time ever, discover the first and only water revitalization technology that really works! Why knowingly shower or bathe in water that irritates your lungs, skin sinuses or that can harm your brain and heart? Act now! Consider the unique features of ExcelaWater:

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